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Welcome to the official Michael Frend for Congress website. Please browse the site and learn about Michael and why he is running for Congress. Feel free to contact Michael with any questions or concerns you may have. Michael is running as an independent because he feels that both Republicans and Democrats have been unable to pass any meaningful legislation due to partisan politics. The people of the 6th Congressional District of Virginia deserve better than that. Please get to know Michael Frend and visit him in one of many Town Hall meetings to be held all over the district over the next several months. 


Friday, February 23, 2018 11:17 AM

How do we fix the school shooting issue

In the week since the children in school shooting lost their life the NRA is finally starting to pay a price. Several businesses that offered discounts to NRA members will no longer and a major US bank will no longer issue a NRA MasterCard . This is just the start. These kids will not be silenced until something is done to curb these shootings and we find a way to keep the children safe. Arming the teachers is not the answer. Nor should they be asked to shoot the children they teach. Also if teachers are armed and police get there it is possible almost likely one could be mistaken for a shooter. More guns in close proximity to our children is not the answer. 

Trump can use the money for wall and that will more than cover entrance metal detectors in every school in America. That's a start to the answer to this problem. Keeping the guns out of schools in the first place is the answer. Metal detector in every school and an armed guard at the detector is a strong deterrent . Spend the wall money to protect school kids not window dressing for the border.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 8:19 PM

Why Michael signed the Contract for American Renewal

“Why do I keep bringing up the Contract For American Renewal? Because talk is cheap. Campaign promises usually evaporate the day after elections. I’ve eliminated all of the guess work here. My constituents now know exactly what I’ll be doing from day one when I arrive in Washington DC. Of course, my opponent won’t sign the contract, so in terms of what he’ll be doing, your guess is as good a mine.”
“I’ll tell you another good reason I signed the CFAR. Because when I’m elected and the lobbyists will come around to my office and say, ‘Listen, we need some flexibility here, we need you to bend a little. Let’s make a deal.’ Well, I will know exactly what to say to them. Sorry! No deals. I’m under contract. The people who voted me into office have it in writing, a legally-binding agreement. I’m working for them.”
“I’m as tired as the voters with all of the games. Remember, I’m a voter too. And way too many times I’ve heard wonderful campaign speeches and believed the campaign promises, only to be disappointed. Well, the Contract For American Renewal which I signed to run for this office, takes all the guesswork out of it. I am under legal contract to perform. People don’t have to wonder whether I’ll stick to the program. I don’t have a choice. Frankly, I like the certainty.”
“The American people have spoken. Huge percentages of voters want what’s in the CFAR. I’m proud to sign it because I work for the voters … not the lobbyists, not Wall Street, not the corporate fat cats. When someone votes for me, they know exactly what they’re getting. Everything is in black-and-white and I’m proud to say I signed on the dotted line.”
“Yes, we’re trying something new in my campaign. It’s called transparency and accountability. I have eleven top priority things to get to work on as soon as I get to Washington DC. It’s all right there in black-and-white in the contract I signed. It’s called the Contract For American Renewal and not only says exactly what I will be doing — that’s the transparency — it makes me directly answerable to my constituents. That’s the accountability. I won’t be taking bribes from lobbyists or repaying favors to deep-pocketed donors like my opponent. The voters have it in writing. I am 100% committed to serving them and addressing the urgent challenges facing our nation.”
“I confess. My hand was shaking when I signed this. You see what it says. If I don’t perform, I lose everything. If I don’t fight for the things you’ve sent me to Congress to do, I have to resign. That would hurt more than anything, because I’ve worked so hard to earn your trust. Then it hit me! I have nothing to worry about. If you elect me, it means I have all of you behind me, supporting me as we start to put this country back on track. As I join with the scores of other congressmen from across this great nation who’ve signed this contract, the CFAR, I know that I cannot fail. This contract goes both ways. It’s you saying to me, ‘Go to Washington DC and set things straight. Work for the people of this country. The rich have had their turn. Now it’s our turn. We’re behind you 100%!’ Right then, my hand stopped shaking and I signed the contract. Here it is posted on my website, my marching orders from you. Your vote of confidence in me as your new congressman.”


Michael Frend

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7:31 PM

Contract for American Renewal Signed by Michael Frend

Below is a contract I have signed to guarantee my performance once elected. If I were elected and failed to meet any of these deadlines in the contract I would resign as stated.  



U.S. House of Representatives
_6th_ District, State of _Virginia

I, _Michael Frend_, if elected to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives representing
the 6th District of the State of Virginia, hereby commit to sponsor or co-sponsor
and vote in favor of legislation for all of the following:

Raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.

Initiating government investment over five years towards rebuilding our
crumbling roads, bridges, railways, airports, public transit systems, ports,
dams, wastewater plants, and other infrastructure needs, while vigilantly
minimizing their environmental impact

Implementing bold measures to address climate change; cultivating through
investment and tax incentives sustainable sources of
energy, as alternatives
to fossil fuels.

Ending the war in Afghanistan; ending the unnecessary military exploits
across the globe, except where absolutely required to protect the safety of
American citizens; reducing the military budget by a minimum of 20

Establishing a progressive estate tax on the top 0.3% of Americans who
inherit more than $3.5 million; increasing the income tax rates on the top
1% of earners to the levels they were at in January 1980; closing tax
loopholes, especially targeting tax a
voidance using offshore tax havens;
introducing appropriate parallel increases to capital gains tax rates.

Reforming tax regulations to
corporations from shifting their
profits and jobs overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes; and enacting a
universal transaction tax on Wall Street trading to discourage reckless

Expanding social security by lifting the cap on taxable income above
$250,000; and increasing benefits by at least 10% for all eligible recipients.

Making no reductions inthe existing benefits of Medicare
;expand Medicare as part of a single-payer initiative to establish fully universal high quality
health care.

Reversing trade policies like NAFTA, CAFTA, and PNTR, and permanently
blocking the passage of TPP and TTIP, all of which drive down wages and cause the loss of millions of domestic jobs.

Overturning Citizens United and related Court decisions and initiating
comprehensive electoral reform to ban big and corporate money in politics

Making tuition free at public colleges and universities throughout America.
I will not resist, discourage, or in any manner put up an impediment to, and will in fact
publicly and on the floor of the House of Representatives actively promote, any and all
legislation which exclusively supports these measures. If no other legislator comes forth
to propose such individual pieces of legislation, I will create and introduce by my own
initiative, within 180 days of taking office, legislative acts for all of the foregoing, for
consideration by Congress. I further understand and fully agree to the following: If I violate the above-stated terms of this agreement, I will tender on the 181st day after taking the oath of office for my legislative seat, my unconditional resignation from this elected position. Moreover, within one year of my resignation, I will refund all contributions made by individual donors in support of my candidacy for this office.This entire agreement constitutes a legally-binding contract between myself and that class of citizens who will be my constituents, should I win the upcoming election. In the event that I fail to perform the above-required actions, I recognize redress may be sought by those same citizens in appropriate available legal channels.Such litigation can only be initiated by a clear majority of eligible voters in my district,via a referendum of those constituents.I sign this contract voluntarily and with full appreciation of my obligations and responsibilities under this agreement to the citizens of the __6th_ District of the State of Virginia, should they choose me as their elected representative. I accept the terms of this document as legally-binding, and with a thorough and lucid understanding of its requirements and consequences.

Signed: _Michael Frend
Date: 01-27-2018

Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:18 PM

Michael Frend addresses the pending shutdown of Feb. 8th

Our elected officials have deserted the people instead bowing to the almighty dollars of corporate and lobbyist donations. Republicans and Democrats alike are about to send us headlong into a shutdown of our government. This one has the potential to last weeks or more. We did not just get to this point. It has been brewing for many months and neither side has been adult enough to step up and do what is best for the nation. We live in a world that is full of uncertainty.Yet we don't run from our elected duty just because we don't agree.
During the last shutdown in order to fund the government until the 8th of February concessions were made. CHIP was funded for 6 years. This was a travesty to begin with. Republican leadership allowed this to expire months ago and refused to reinstate in until now. The children were the losers at the expense of irresponsible grumpy old men who can't seem to get along long enough to work out a bipartisan budget deal. It was also agreed that DACA would get to the floor to have open discussion to work out a long term solution. President Trump has made sure that won't happen. Trump said there will be no DACA deal without funding for his wall. The wall is not needed and is a waste of taxpayer money. His 25 Billion dollars he wants to spend on the wall could hire 35,000 teachers for the next 20 years or provide free housing for 39,000 homeless veterans for 80 years or provide health care for 3 million low income families for the next ten years. Trump himself has stated the illegal entry into the US is down over 70%. If that is true then simply the wall is not needed.
President Trump needs to stop acting like a teenage bully. Always talking someone down. That is not diplomacy or the art of negotiation. Saying crying Chuck Shumer caved in the budget deal is not a way to get democrats working towards a common goal of funding our government. In fact it does just the opposite. Mr. President, if you think for one minute that forcing a shutdown to get your way will be blamed on the democrats you are sadly mistaken.
The people are tired of partisan politics poisoning our nation. Regardless of your party, you are elected to represent all of the people not just the people of your party. I, like many others are tired of Republicans doing everything without including the democrats. I am also tired of the Democrats doing nothing but complaining. You are paid fairly well to sit your tails down and work this stuff out. If you are unable to do that, then the American people will do it for you in November.

While we sit around bickering about funding our government, we continue to fall behind in the world. We no longer offer the best schooling, the best health care or the safest environment. Global warming and climate change now go unanswered as what protections we did have are dismantled.

Michael Frend - Independent
Candidate U.S. House of Representatives
6th Congressional District of Virginia

Friday, January 12, 2018 1:02 PM

Michael Frend responds to President Trumps Shithole comments

President Trump used "shithole" to describe other nations that we sometimes get refuges from. This comment is very unbecoming and not presidential. These comments are very detrimental to our diplomatic efforts around the globe. It is very obvious that our president does not understand diplomacy. His random rants are dangerous as they create hatred and distrust towards Americans abroad.
They are also racist comments that basically say we are okay with white immigrants coming to American but not blacks from Haiti or Africa. This is not what America stands for. We are a nation founded and based on immigration. How can we be okay with that type of statement from the POTUS.
We risk becoming the "shithole" nation if this is truly where we are headed with immigration. I am surprised that so far most republican congressional members have failed to stand up against these racist comments made by our commander in chief. Republican Congressman Goodlatte who was present for the comments has made no comment. What type of leadership is that. Sir, you should stand up for what you know is right. I hope for better from you.

Also, in reference to the 6th Congressional district, I find it appalling that the Republican party will nominate by convention rather than allowing the voters to have a voice and choose their candidate. Your party has sidestepped every normal method since Trump came into power. You have become the party of exclusion rather than inclusion.
We are losing our leadership standing in the world. We are falling behind in medicine and education to even third world countries. Just how damaging the "shithole" comments will be is yet to be seen. The GOP needs to correct the President when he is wrong just like you would anyone else.

Michael Frend
Candidate U.S. House of Representatives Va. 6th District.

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