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This page features my positions on issues. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and you can click through to see additional information. 


I believe we need to totally rework the tax system of our country. 

Homeless Veterans

Those two words should never go together. We need to provide whatever services we can to eliminate homeless veterans. Truthfully no one should have to go homeless.

Military Budget

No cuts. No way. We need to stay the strongest Military in the world.


This needs to be legalized. If not outright then at least for medicinal purposes. The government needs to stop acting like they know what is best for everyone and listen to the people for once. Let the Commonwealth decide for itself without interference.


We owe our freedom to them. We must never forget we are here enjoying our lives because of the sacrifices of our great veterans. We must address the needs of our veterans. 

Opiate Epidemic

This problem isn't moms pain pills. It is garage manufactured illegal synthetic Opiates we are talking about. Now how do we control them is the question at task.


It is broken. Fix it. Replace it. But don't ignore it like it will just go away. I don't believe in forcing anyone to buy insurance. But i won't take insurance from 24 million people either.

Mental Health

This country needs much better access to mental health. The red tape you have to go through to get help is uncalled for.


Drugs prices are far to high. I know lots of research goes into them. But we need the medicines to be affordable. Up to 70% off if you use an app. Really? Just lower the price up front.

Guns - Background checks

I am for background checks on weapons. It is a common sense way to deter criminals from getting weapons. It does not hamper a persons 2nd Amendment rights.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is an important part for many lives. We should continue to fund this. However, I do not think the Federal Government should fund abortions. It's not the role of the government.


First, I am personally against abortions. With that said I also believe that a woman has the legal right to choose what she does with her body. To date the Supreme Court agrees with that choice.


The roads in the 6th District are of major concern to me. Especially I-81 which has major accidents almost daily. How many must die before we come up with a solution?

Wasteful Spending

Wasteful Spending. The golden child of Congress. The amount of wasted money on useless items and programs alone could cut a good amount of our national debt over 10 years.

Fiscal Responsibility

We have a responsibility to all of America to stop spending what we don't have. Sooner or later that always becomes a problem. But we have to start now.

Balanced Budget

We can not continue to increase the debt ceiling. There has to be limits. We need to cut 10% per year until the budget is balanced. Start with foreign aid. Much is wasted there.

Women's Rights

Women's Rights. We need more protection of women's rights until the day that they truly have all the same rights and protections as men. Including pay.


No person should be judged by the color of there skin or their sexual orientation. We are all created equal.


There is no room in this country for racism. How many times do we really need to learn this lesson. White Supremacists, KKK and other hate groups are nothing more than racists plain and simple.


We are often far to quick to place blame on our police. The job they do is difficult and extremely dangerous. We need to update the equipment they have access to make their job safer.

Minimum Wage

It is a cold hard fact. You can not support a family on minimum wage. Increase it to a livable wage and we can get a lot of people off public assistance. That saves us all a lot of money.


The economy is getting better. We need to continue with job growth for the valley. I want to focus on high tech industry and better paying positions.

Standardized Testing

Well, children are not standard and nor should the testing be, No child left behind is a failure to our children.


We need proper funding for schools and teachers if we truly want better results from the schools. You have to invest in our future, the children. We are falling behind the rest of the world on education. We need to get more modern in our schools and approach to education.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline

I do not see the benefit to the people of the valley. I do however see the huge risk associated with the pipeline. As such, I am against the pipeline.

Climate Change

I do believe that climate change is real and something we need to be addressing. Putting our heads in the sand and ignoring the facts do not fix the problem.

Iran And Terrorism

Iran is an issue we will be dealing with sooner rather than later. They support terrorism that strengthens their position in the region. The nuclear deal with them was a mistake.


We are founded on immigration and continue to grow stronger from the diversity of immigrants. It must however to limited to legal entrance into our country unless previously protected from deportation

Foreign Aid

We often spend way to much on foreign aid. Although foreign aid is important problems at home need fixed first.

Campaign Finance Reform

I am for it. However, you will never see it. The reason is the people voting to reform it are the same who are abusing it.

Term Limits

I believe in term limits. After many years you become too powerful with too many special interest groups influencing your judgement.

Gun Violence

We have a serious problem with gun violence in many major cities. But we do not need new gun laws. We need to enforce the laws we currently have. We have more than enough gun laws on the books now.

Pro 2nd Amendment

I am against anyone trying to limit or remove any 2nd Amendment rights.

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